Activities GPS Smartwatch for kids

Gps smartwatch voor kinderen

For which activities do you need a children's watch GPS?

Of course you buy a GPS children's watch with one intention: to increase the safety of your child. From now on you will have peace of mind when your child goes outside to play. You can see where your child is via your smartphone. The watch works by means of GPS with which a location can be determined. The GPS watch is also equipped with a SIM card through which data can be sent. This means that if your child is outside and you are not around, you can see where your child is via your smartphone.


There comes a time when you want to let your child go to school independently. But you still prefer to keep an eye on things at all times. A telephone is just a bit too exaggerated and expensive to give to your child, so a GPS children's watch is the ideal solution here. Are you curious if your child has already left school? Then you just check the location, right?

Playing outside

An activity where the GPS tracker always comes in handy is when your child goes outside. You prefer not to always let your child go outside alone, but going with you every time is also not convenient. Would you like to see what kind of sand castle your child has made in the sandbox? One click on the button and you can make video calls.

To play sports

Almost every parent likes it when their child wants to play sports. But you won't always have the time to go along. Keeping a finger on the pulse is very important. With our GPS watches for children you can keep an eye on things while your child experiences the freedom and can play football or hockey. And do you wonder if your child has moved? With one look at the app you can keep track of the steps.

On holiday

A GPS Children's Watch is also widely used on vacation. The Wiesba GPS Smartwatch works throughout Europe. Suppose you go on holiday abroad where you both do not yet know the area well. Then you use a GPS watch so that you are always in contact with each other. A pleasant feeling for you as a parent, but also nice for the child. He or she knows that if something is wrong, mom and dad are always close by.

To stay

You probably know it, your child asks you if he can stay with his / her friends. It is of course very good that your child wants to go out. But you still want to be able to secretly see if everything is going well. Wiesba also comes in handy here. You are not dependent on the parents of where your child will be staying to get in touch, you can simply check the location yourself and make a video call.

Home late

You have agreed that your son or daughter must be home by 5 p.m. This usually goes well. Butโ€ฆ. it is 5:15 pm and your child is still not home. Normally you are now probably going to look outside or contact the neighbors or friends where your child might be. With a child GPS watch on the wrist you can see where your child is in the app. Then you call your child and ask what's going on and ask to come home. This saves you a lot of time and effort, but above all, the anxiety is quickly removed.

Child can interact

Many younger children do not yet have a mobile phone. A GPS children's watch is a godsend, especially for this target group. Because suppose something is going on; your child has fallen or wants to ask a question. Then he or she presses the SOS button on the GPS watch and you as a parent immediately receive an SOS message. Then you can take action.

Farther away

You can set zones at Wiesba GPS Children's Watch. For example, a zone around school, grandpa or grandma, the playground or whatever you want to designate as a zone. Suppose you set a zone around school, you will be notified if your child enters or leaves this zone.

And let's close with the most obvious reason to wear a watch; the time. On GPS watches, the time is usually displayed digitally and this way your child always knows what time it is.

We hope to have given you an idea of โ€‹โ€‹some practical examples in which the use of a GPS children's watch can be pleasant.

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Gps smartwatch voor kinderen

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