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App SeTracker 2

APP SeTracker 2

Our GPS watches use the SeTracker2 app. This app has been around since 2010 and is the most widely used GPS tracking platform in the world. SeTracker receives an update with improvements almost every month. In 2020, the App SeTracker 2 received a nice upgrade and has become much more user-friendly.

Download SeTracker 2

Scan the QR code below to download the most current version of the Setracker 2 app.
System requirements: Smartphones with IOS (iPhones etc.) and Android devices.

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TIP: You can also install the Setracker/Setracker 2 app on your tablet

It is important that you always restart the watch via settings in the watch after setting and/or inserting the SIM card, so that the data is set correctly during the new start-up.

In addition, there may not be a PIN code on the SIM card, so if you have a SIM card from another provider, you must remove the PIN from the SIM card via the phone's settings.

Description / Explanation of the App with main functions:


  • Before you start, go to the SETracker2 APP. Go to LBS and turn this function off (on gray) LBS (Local Based Services) searches for the 3 nearest cell towers and takes the average of them, this location deviates at least 1000 to 1500 meters from the exact (GPS) location. If you have LBS off, the GPS takes over.

SOS Family number

  • Put yourself on 1
    A 2nd important family member out of 2 (not necessarily)
    A 3rd important family member out of 3 (not necessarily)
    Save this by pressing Save
  • In Emergency, your child will hold the button for 5 seconds. Then the watch will call SOS contact 1, if there is no answer, the watch will automatically forward to SOS Contact 2 and then to SOS Contact 3. If none of the numbers are answered, it will call contact 1 again until someone answers.

Keep in mind that if someone from the SOS contacts has the voicemail on, the circle will be interrupted because the watch thinks he has a connection.

Do Not Disturb Mode

  • Set when the watch cannot or may not be used, for example during school hours. There is a possibility to enter 4 time periods, which you can set with times and days. During the Do Not Disturb period, the watch cannot be used, receive messages or make calls. The SOS Function that can be used at all times, just like the GPS location to see where your child is.

When you call the watch in Do Not Disturb Mode you will hear that the watch is busy.

Listen in

  • Listen-in functions This way you can hear what is happening in your child's environment. You can hear your child, but he or she cannot hear you. Keep in mind that calling credit will be deducted from your watch, because the watch calls you. Your number is filled in automatically when you enter your phone number at SMS-Alarm.

Working mode

  • Indicate here how often you want a GPS Connection to be made with the GPS Watch
    Normal mode: 1 x every 10 minutes (Recommended)
  • Economy mode: 1 x per hour
    Follow Mode: every minute

Family members:

Do you want to appoint several family members to monitor your child? Then it is possible to add family members to your account, so that you do not have to provide your own login details.


  • Mom is the main user, and Dad would like to follow along too.
  • Papa then creates his own account via SETracker2 where he enters his own email address and password.
  • Then the watch asks for the pairing with the registration code, your child's name and who he is.
  • Mom will receive a notification in the app. Always double check who the request is. Mom must then choose to accept or delete. Upon acceptance, the father can also use the App and operate all functions.
  • The main user can always delete the other linked family members at any time.

SMS Alarm settings

  • Enter your telephone number here under guardianship number
  • Select when you want to receive an SMS:
    Empty battery: You will receive an SMS when the battery is empty
    SOS Reminder: With an SOS Call you will receive an SMS

This option is not necessary, because the App also sends you a push message. If you do enable these functions, money will be deducted from the SMS costs for every message.

Telephone book

  • On 1 you put your phone number
  • You can also fill in the rest yourself, such as Papa, Mama, Grandma, Grandpa, Brother, ect...

Time zone

  • Set the time to East GMT+1:00
  • At the top you can then indicate summer time or winter time

Language selection

  • Here you can make a language choice if necessary

Switch off

  • Turns off the watch with the App


  • Allows the watch to reboot remotely

Remove Account

  • Press Delete Account
  • Enter your password
  • Confirm and your account will be deleted and disconnected from the watch. If you want to use the watch again, you must register the watch again and set up the app


  • When you go to WeTalk in the watch you can send a voice message
  • If you press the button to speak, you can leave a message of max. 15 sec. When you release the button, the message is sent to the App.
  • You will then receive this message on your phone, open the app and you can listen to the message via the intercom and send something back yourself when desired.


  • Here you can see your child's location on a map. Isn't this the case? Then put your watch outside for a while so that the watch can connect to the GPS satellites. You can force a location search by pressing the drop. When the watch is connected to the satellite, it will refresh to the location of the watch. The location may differ within slightly from the exact location. Outside it is very accurate.


  • When you press the arrow to the right behind the function that is indicated, you can set the functions. Pedometer - tracks steps Calories - how many calories your child consumes Distance - What distance your child covers that day Movement in sleep - How much your child moves during sleep time

At 00:00 the watch resets the values ​​back to 0

Find Watch

  • If you can no longer find the watch and it is still on, you can use this function. The watch starts ringing at the location where it is located.

    Reject unknown call

    • Go to the Reject unknown call option, here you can turn it on and off
    • The watch can be called by the phone numbers you set in the phone book

    Security zones

    • Give your child a fence in which your child must remain, for example within a radius of 500 meters
    • When your child leaves, you will receive a notification on your phone.


    • In this option you can set 3 alarm clocks
      For example:
      Alarm clock 1: Wake up - 7:00
      Alarm Clock 2: Food - 5:00 PM
      Alarm clock 3: Enter - 19:00
    • You can set this up per days.


    • You can use this to stimulate your child. For example: If you come home on time, you will receive a heart. With an X number of hearts, you can offer a reward.

    Charging tips watch:

    • Always charge the GPS Watch under supervision.
    • Never charge the GPS Watch for more than 4 consecutive hours.
    • Charge the GPS Watch via a USB charging point and not in a wall socket.
    • Charging via socket is at your own risk, an overcharged battery is NOT covered by the warranty !!

    Advertisement app:

    The SeTracker App is provided and maintained by third parties.

    GPS Smartwatch does not affect the operation of the app in any way.
    GPS Smartwatch is also in no way responsible for the functioning of the app.

    We can only obtain information about the app from the makers for you.