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The Setracker app is a free App.

GPS tracker watch. Frequently asked questions about GPS watches for children / GPS tracking / Setracker / Setracker 2 / Setracker 3

Does watch gps for child have advantages compared to a GSM or Smartphone?

Gps watch for kids is a mobile phone. As a result, a GPS watch has a triple functionality, watch the clock, locate via GPS LBS WIFI, make and receive calls. Children are also often too small and careless to give a mobile phone because of loss or dropping.

How does a GPS watch work with the Setracker App for positioning.

The GPS watch uses a SIM card. Both telephony and GPRS are activated on this SIM card. When the GPS watch is started it has the same functionality as a GMS phone. You can then make and receive calls with it. In addition, your watch can receive GPS signals from satellites with the built-in antenna. The GPS watch is programmed to transmit the GPS positions to the Tracking Server. You can contact the server through the app installed on your smartphone. Your account is recognized on the basis of the login details. After you have logged in you can see the position of the watch on the map. The app also offers many more options such as setting and viewing SOS numbers, Phonebook, sending voice messages, Geofence, Monitoring, SMS alerts, Work Mode, Time Zone, Language, historical route, chat etc etc..

Safety GPS watches for kids.

A GPS watch has the same function as a mobile phone. You should therefore take this into account. That you should also turn off the GPS watch in certain places. Eg on an airplane or hospital, etc. Make sure of this with the organization involved. Many articles have been written in the past about unsafe GPS watches for children. This was partly due to the fact that the watch communicated via an unencrypted data connection. Communication with the Setracker1 Setracker2 Setracker3 App works via an SSL connection.

How do I know if the Se tracker App will work on my phone?

The app is according to the specifications of the software developer 3g-elec Compatible with;

  • iOS iPhone
  • iPad
  • ipod touch.
  • Android devices.

Where can I download the Se-tracker app.

You can download the app from the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore. In the store, type in Setracker 3 and then install it.

Use App: Can the interface language of the Setracking App also be set to a different language?

Yes, you can set the tracker app in the Dutch language, among other things. You currently have a choice of more than twenty languages. 3gelec is the responsible party for the Setracker Privacy Policy. With the frequent updates, the number of languages โ€‹โ€‹will certainly expand in the future.

Can I accommodate multiple GPS watches in the app. So I can see all my kids on the map.

Yes, it is possible to connect multiple watches to one account. Indicate this with your order and we will arrange this for you.

Are there costs associated with the tracker App

No, the app is free with the purchase of a bell watch.

Can I change my login details myself, username and password.

Yes, you can change the login details yourself by changing the username and password in the app. We also recommend this.

App lifespan.

The app is regularly updated. This keeps your GPS WiFi watch tracker up to date. There are also different versions of the Setracker app 2 and 3. This means that there is always a version available so that your GPS child watch continues to work properly. A new version is generally backwards compatible. So you can also try out the new version for your GPS watch.

How do I know when there is a new update for the App?

You do not have to take any action yourself. If there is a new update. You will automatically receive a notification when you start Se-tracker.

Setracker app via PC is that possible?

There are options to let the app also work on the PC.

Error messages on gps track watch: PIN

This message is caused by a PIN code being set. Remove the PIN code from the SIM card. By inserting the SIM card into a normal phone and removing the PIN code.

Error messages on GPS call watch: Does not start.

You may be using a SIM card that is not suitable. Does your watch start up without a SIM card?

Error messages on GPS touchscreen watch: Unable to connect

You can get the unable to connect message if the calling credit of the SIM card has run out. Be the first to check your balance and top it up if necessary.

Error messages Setracker malfunction App: equipment not connected

First, check the balance of your SIM card. If this does not resolve the Setracker malfunction, please contact us. This error message can have several causes. You can contact us so that we can assess / solve the problem for you.

Error messages: device offline smartwatch

First, check the balance of your SIM card. If this does not resolve the Setracker malfunction, please contact us. This error message can have several causes. You can contact us so that we can assess / solve the problem for you

Error messages: I can no longer log in

Make sure you are using the correct login details. You received this when you bought your watch. And are stated in the document belonging to your GPS tracker watch. If you no longer have your data. Or has changed it, you can request your password via the app.

For this you must enter the email address. That you previously specified via personal information / mailbox in the tracker APP. You will then receive a verification code via email that you enter in the APP. If you are unable to retrieve your password, please contact us. We can reset your account or have it reset. Please contact us about this first.

Information we need for this:

  • Watch ID
  • Account name (if known)
  • The Mobile phone number associated with the GPS watch

You can then change the login details yourself. By changing the username and password in the Setrack app. We also recommend this.

The Watch and Tracker App:

Tracker Positioning a watch: The first time you turn on the watch, positioning takes longer.

You turned on the GPS watch for children first. And the gps track watch doesn't display correct position. The pointer on the map is blue LBS. It takes a little more time the first time. To establish the GPS fix. The most convenient thing is to leave the watch for 10 - 15 minutes in the garden or on the balcony. Your watch with GPS will then work correctly and will indicate the correct position (red pointer on the map). If you have a watch with GPS + WIFI. Even if you are in a you will see a reasonably correct position on the map (green pointer on the map)

Watch position: How accurate is the positioning. GPS kids watch.

A distance of 0 to 20 meters from the actual position is usual. There may be as much as 50 meters or more distance. Between the position of the watch and the location on the map. In case of poor reception, eg between tall buildings. In the open air, the GPS signal is generally very accurate. The GPS signal is only received outside. On the map, the pointer is indicated by a red color.

Position GPS Wifi watch: The position deviates from the current location. The pointer on the map is Blue.

If the location is shown in blue on the map. Then it concerns the location via LBS (telephony transmission tower). This location is not accurate for your watch. The watch with GPS for child must be used outside. For an accurate position determination.

Position GPS LBS watch: The position regularly deviates from the current location. The pointer on the map is only Blue.

First, check the balance of your SIM card. Do you have sufficient balance?

Position GPS AGPS watch: The position indicates the current location. But the pointer on the map is Green.

Your watch also supports WiFi positioning. A wifi position is generally displayed. If GPS watch child is indoors and the GPS watch makes contact. With a WiFi router to determine the position.

Position GPS GPRS watch: The position indicates the current location. But the pointer on the map is Red.

Your watch displays the GPS position. Your watch with calling function is working properly. And has been able to determine the position based on satellites.

Position GPS|WIFI watch: How can my watch model determine the position with WIFI (without login details).

The watch models that also support WIFI positioning. Determine position by SSID (Service Set Identifier). Determining these locations is possible. Because the positions of Access points / WiFi routers are stored in a database. If the watch detects an access point / wifi router SSID. Then a check will take place in the database (connection via the internet). And then this position will be displayed on the map in the Setracker google location app. Know where your child is, a nice idea.

Position GPS LBS WIFI watch: How long does it take for the position to be accurate. GPS watch.

Your watch displays a position at a certain interval. You can set this via the Setrack app by adjusting the update frequency. Settings are 1 minute, 10 minutes (default), 1 hour (powersave mode). You can also request the current position on the map. By clicking the pointer. The app uses the Setracker server in Europe. As a result, an update for current position determination takes only 10 to 20 seconds. At busy times this can take up to 30 seconds.

Use GPS Wifi watch abroad: Can I use the watch abroad?

This is indeed possible. You must then use a SIM card that works abroad. In addition, you must adjust the APN information of the tracker.

Use GPS device outside Europe: Can I use the watch outside Europe?

This is possible, but the region in which the GPS kidswatch resides during that period must be adjusted.

GPS Watch Child: How can I prevent my child from turning off the watch?

The moment you turn on the watch. And the watch has connected to the tracking server. Can your child no longer turn off the watch? This function prevents your child from being able to turn off his watch himself. If you wish to turn off the kidswatch after use or to charge it. Then you can turn off the GPS watch via the Se-tracker app (see below).

The tracker watch in use by your Child: What happens if your child takes off the watch himself?

Our models of watches contain a sensor. As soon as contact with the skin is broken. Will it send an alarm on your smartphone via the Setrack app. It is also possible to set that you will receive an SMS as soon as this happens. Please note that sending an SMS will be deducted from the calling credit of the SIM card.

Making and receiving calls:

Calling to and from watches: Do I have to buy a SIM myself with the watch?

Yes, your GPS smartwatch watch does not come with a SIM card.

Calling with watch: When I call the watch, it does not ring.

You must add the phone number you are calling from to the phone book. Phone numbers that are not in the phone book cannot call the GPS tracker watch.

Calling watch: Can I prevent strangers from calling this GPS watch?

Yes, only numbers set in the phone book can call the watch. Unknown numbers cannot be connected.

Call watch: How can my child call me.

You must set up the phone book with your mobile phone or smartphone phone number. You can then select the telephone book on the GPS track watch. And then also call your mobile or Smartphone.

Call watch: What is the best way for my son or daughter to call me in case of an emergency?

In case of emergency, your child can press the SOS button. Hold it down for five seconds and the SOS number will be called.

Use interface Se-tracker App: What is the chat intercom function in the app?

You can send a voice message to the watch via the chat function. The bell watch receives a notification and can listen to the message. You can also leave a message via the watch. And send to the app. Keep in mind that data is consumed in both cases. From the gps kidwatch upload/download voice message.

User interface: What is the Find Equipment function for?

You can ring the watch via the "Find Equipment" function. If you have lost the watch at home, for example. You can hear the location going on ringing.

Use interface track App: Voice care or monitor function what is that?

Via the "Voice care" function. Can you hear what is happening in the vicinity of the carrier.

User interface: What is the Alarm for that I can set via the app?

Via the "Alarm" function you can set an alarm (maximum three alarms). This is useful if, for example, you have agreed with your child to come home at a certain time. The alarm that goes off on the watch reminds your child of this. Please be careful when setting. That the watch is on and that the app is connected to the GPS smartwatch.

Use interface Se-tracker App: What is the security zone you can set?

You can set the radius via the "protection zone" function. Within which your child must stay before the alarm goes off. This is also called Geofence. Handy in your area or, for example, at the campsite.

Use interface: What is the footprints function in the app?

Via the "Footprints" function you can request the historical route. First enter the date and times between which you want the historical route. See also Pedometer.

Use interface App: How can I turn off the watch?

Through the "Settings / Remote shutdown user settings" function, you can turn off the watch and then charge it.

Consumption of credit and data: What costs are incurred.

There are two types of costs incurred. If you call another phone with the GPSwatch, this will cost you credit. And if the watch sends the GPS position to Setracker tracking server. Is this at the expense of the data bundle of the SIM card?

The costs for calling per minute are determined by the provider of the prepaid SIM card. Our choice fell on the Lebara prepaid SIM card. Due to the good national coverage via the KPN network and the low rates.

The costs for data for sending the GPS positions are deducted from the data bundle. The GPS kids watch uses very little data. Depending on the update frequency. The setting after how many minutes an update is sent. It is clear that an update frequency of 1 x per minute consumes more than 1 x per hour.

Consumption of credit and data: how much data the GPS watch uses.

With normal use, the GPS will use an average of between 10 and 25 MB of data per month. For transmitting the GPS location. Please note that all other data will also be removed from your bundle. For example, send voice messages.

Consumption of credit and data: What have I lost on balance? If I use the SIM card only for GPS tracing.

If the 10 euro call bundle of KPN SIM card is only used for positioning. Then you will do this for about six months.

Consumption of credit and data: When I connect to the GPS track watch with the Setrack app on my smartphone. Is this at the expense of the calling credit of the watch?

The data usage the watch needs. To respond to actions sent from the Setracker app are at the expense of the data bundle. Again, these are very small amounts of data.

GPS watch usage time: How can I charge the GPS watch?

You will receive a USB cable with the watch. You can connect this cable to your laptop, for example. Computer, power bank or USB adapter. Optionally, you can charge via the charger / cable of your (Samsung) phone.

GPS watch operating time: How long does it take to charge the battery.

Experience shows that charging takes an average of two hours. This differs per model (due to differences in battery capacity). Each model shows on the display when charging. You can also read on the display when the battery is full.

GPS watch usage time: How long does the GPS watch remain in standby?

Lifetime it model. You can assume that the GPS will remain functional for at least 24 hours - 48 hours. The operating time also depends on how intensively the watch is used. Oa is often called. Chat messages are sent. How is the GPS update frequency set etc. All actions that require extra power from the battery.

SMS alerts: What are SMS alerts?

It is possible to set SMS Alerts via the Setracker android samsung Ios iphone App. This can, for example, be set for when the child's GPS watch is removed from the wrist. The gpswatch will then send an SMS. Please note that this is at the expense of the prepaid credit.

Geofence: What is Geofence and what is the use of Geofence.

Geofence is used to set a zone with a certain radius. As long as the GPS SOS watch is within this radius. No alarm will be transmitted. As soon as the GPS watch leaves the preset Geofence. Then an alarm will also be sent to the Setrack app.

What exactly about GPS LBS WIFI Trace. What are the different ways tracking takes place.

Differs per type of GPS smartwatch. Are there three ways positioning takes place.

Setracker LBS location-based service

The position is determined on the basis of the transmission mast of the Telecom provider, for example.

KPN LBS positioning is not very accurate. There may be a distance of 1000 meters or more between the position of the watch and the transmission tower of eg KPN. The LBS signal is received both indoors and outdoors. On the map, the LBS pointer is indicated with a blue color.

Se tracker GPS Global positioning system

The position is determined on the basis of satellites. GPS positioning is accurate. A distance of 0 to 20 meters from the actual position is usual. There may be as much as 50 meters or more distance. Between the position of the GPS and the location on the map. The GPS signal is only received outside. On the map, the GPS pointer is indicated with a red color.

Setracker WIFI Positioning

The position is determined on the basis of WiFi routers in the area. Logging in is not necessary. Wifi positioning is more accurate. A distance of 0 to 20 meters from the actual position is usual. There may be as much as 50 meters or more distance. Between the position of the GPS and the location on the map. The WiFi signal is received both indoors and outdoors. Within a small Radius of the Wifi router 50 to 100 meters. On the map, the WIFI pointer is indicated with a green color.

Disclaimer ; The (free) facilities related to the operation of this tracking platform (apps and servers). Are supplied and maintained by third parties. We are not responsible for this. Have no association with these companies. Do not influence the operation and do not share any personal information with them. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the operation of these platforms. Or influence. If malfunctions occur. Can you notice this because, for example, you are temporarily unable to log in. Faults, incidentally, are rare.