Manual GPS Smartwatch WB36A


  • Always charge the GPS Watch under supervision.
  • Never charge the GPS Watch for more than 4 consecutive hours.
  • Charge the GPS Watch via a USB charging point and not in a wall socket.

If you charge the watch via a quick charger via the wall socket, the chance of overcharging is high and the battery will not last long. If you still want to use the socket, buy a 5V 1A adapter.

An overcharged battery is not covered by the warranty.


To set the watch correctly, you need to take a number of steps.
To use the watch you need a SIM card that has both calling credit and an internet bundle. This is possible with both prepaid and subscription. We recommend a SIM card with a KPN network (eg Lebara). You must disable the PIN code on the SIM card. (This step is not necessary for Lebara) You do this by first inserting the SIM card into a telephone and turning off the PIN code. For Android phones this is usually under Security -> Lock SIM card. With iPhone this is in settings at Phone -> Sim PIN code. Don't forget to activate SIM card when needed. (necessary at Lebara).

Step 1.
After you have turned off the PIN code of the SIM card. Insert the NANO SIM into the watch. This goes on the side of the watch. Carefully unscrew both screws.

After inserting the SIM (contact point at the top, triangle inwards) screw the SIM cover tightly. NB; this should be done properly because of watertightness. The watch is water resistant to a depth of 1m for 30-60 minutes.

Download the app to connect to the watch. To do this, you can scan the QR code on the right or search for SeTracker2 in your app store or play store.

Step 3.
Open the Setracker2 app, make sure that the language is set to Dutch and the Area is set to Europe and click on register. First of all you need to create an account. Do this via your email address. Scan the QR code of the watch in the registration process. You will find this on the label attached to the watch. If scanning fails, you can enter the label REG code manually. Choose at
name, your child's name.

Step 4.
After you have created an account, you can enter the desired data in the app under settings. At SOS Numbers you can enter the telephone numbers with which the child can send/call SOS signal via the watch. In the phone book you can enter the numbers that can and may call the child. For example Dad, Mom or Grandma. Unknown people can then no longer call the watch. (Voicemail) Under contacts you can access the
phone numbers add names (max 15). This way your child can see who is calling and who he/she can call. Under SMS Alerts you can set various notifications, eg when the battery is almost empty or when your child presses the SOS button (press and hold for 3 seconds). If the watch does not display the correct time and date, you can enter this under Language and
TimeZone East GMT +1:00

Working watch
Put your finger on clock display for 3 seconds and you can choose other clock displays. Confirm with “set” at the top left of the screen. The watch can make outgoing calls in the menu by selecting contact and pressing call. You can charge the watch with the magnetic USB charging connector on the back of the watch.

Connect the charging connector properly and watch out for scratches on the display. NB; never charge the GPS Watch when it is wet. If you chat in the app in the menu
record a voice memo (Chat > ​​Press), the watch in menu WeChat can do this
play and vice versa. Photo can be taken in the Camera menu. Photos, view in Gallery menu.

You can perform VideoCall with the contacts from the watch with a good internet connection. You will receive a notification from SeTracker on your mobile for taking VideoCall.

In the watch you can create a grid/schedule and make calculations/math. In Menu “Settings” you can determine extensive settings;

  1. set volume for (media, alarm, ringtone)
  2. set brightness/display brightness (click 1,2,3)
  3. turn torch/lantern on/off
  4. set sleep/screen saver time
  5. reboot/restart watch
  6. shutdown watch
  7. device info/technical data
  8. set launcher style/ swipe style
  9. clear tools/ clean up memory

Choose “More”;

  1. turn on WIFI and set WIFI house, enter password if necessary (to be used for video call, among other things)
  2. turn on bluetooth if you want to connect a bluetooth device (e.g. speaker)
  3. date/time choose “network provided time”
  4. language choose Dutch

In the App SeTracker you can set night energy saving mode to save battery.