How does GPS Kids Smartwatch for kids work?

GPS Watches for kids

GPS Kids Smartwatch supplies GPS watches for children from 3 to 7 years old and older, actually until they get their own mobile phone. Via the 4G app that you as a parent install on your smartphone you can see where your child, or in this case the GPS children's watch is. Our GPS watches for kids work throughout Europe, just like you use a SIM card that works throughout Europe. In general, our customers use a prepaid SIM card from KPN or Vodafone, which work flawlessly throughout Europe.


Our GPS Children's Watches work via the 4G network. The basis is simple: The GPS watch uses calling minutes to make calls, and data (internet) to send the GPS position. Our preference is to use KPN or Vodafone. These 2 providers have the best GSM and data networks in the Netherlands and Europe. A prepaid SIM card is a great place to start. Before you start installing your GPS children's watch, we recommend that you test it in a mobile phone beforehand, so that you are sure that it works properly. You must be able to make calls with it, and be able to use the internet over the 4G network. It is also useful to disable the PIN code request from the SIM card. This means that the GPS children's watch can always be restarted without any problems.


Your GPS Kids smartwatch is equipped with a GPS receiver. As soon as your child goes outside, the GPS Kids Smartwatch will start receiving GPS signals. The more GPS signals (satellites), the better the positioning. The GPS Kids smartwatch is able to convert GPS, LBS+, and WIFI signals into a data package, and to forward it to your smartphone of the 4G network. As a parent you can see exactly where your child is via the APP. The data package is therefore forwarded via the internet bundle (4G) that is on your SIM card.


In addition to a GPS receiver, the GPS Kids smartwatch is also equipped with a WIFI receiver. This allows your GPS Kids smartwatch device to passively search for internet routers and hotspots without logging in. The GPS Kids smartwatch does have the option to make direct contact with your own WiFi router. Via the menu you can select your own router and then log in.

Every internet router is provided with a unique IP address, and the GPS Kids Smartwatch GPS watches are able to recognize this. Based on this IP address, the GPS Kids Smartwatch can send the current position to the APP. Almost all Ziggo and KPN WiFi routers have a hotspot function. WIFI routers with a hotspot are also often present in supermarkets and shopping centres. For example, the positioning of the GPS Kids smartwatch is also accurate indoors.


The GPS Kids smartwatch can also calculate a position with LBS+ signals. For this, the GPS Kids Smartwatch needs at least 3 UMTS masts. With these 3 UMTS transmitters, your GPS Kids Smartwatch can do a triangular measurement, and thus send the position to the APP. There are more transmission towers in large cities than, for example, in a village with 1000 inhabitants. Always keep this in mind. However, the GPS range in villages is better, because there are fewer tall buildings here. LBS+ is an alternative method. Your GPS Kids Smartwatch will always give priority to GPS and WIFI signals. LBS+ can deviate. (10-3000m).


In addition to the GPS tracking function, your GPS Kids smartwatch also has a GSM function. As a parent, you can call your GPS Kids smartwatch. Your GPS Kids Smartwatch GPS watch can also call you. As a parent, you have the option of adding 15 additional telephone numbers to the digital address book of the GPS Kids smartwatch. Your child can easily choose a telephone number and start a conversation via the digital address book.