Installation explanation GPS Smartwatch WB32


Insert the SIM card into the Smartwatch

  1. Pull out the SIM card holder from the side
  2. Place the SIM card in the holder
  3. Place the SIM card holder with SIM card back into the watch

If the watch was on when you inserted the SIM card, you will need to restart the watch.

* Restart watch
Go to settings on the watch -> scroll down -> until restart. While restarting the watch, the watch will process the data and then the watch can be used.

To make the GPS Watch ready for use, it is necessary to install a SIM card with calling and internet credit. With this SIM card, the watch can send the GPS track and calls can be made to and from the watch.


Download the application on your phone

Scan the QR-Code with the camera of your phone or download the program 'SeTracker2' via the Appstore (iOS) or Playstore (Android)

QR Code settracker2 GPS Smartwatch

TIP: You can also install the Setracker/Setracker 2 app on your tablet

  • Open the application and set the language to Dutch and area to Europe and Africa
  • Register with an email account
    Please note, only use letters and numbers when creating a password, for example: Password12
  • Go to the menu on the watch -> to the option โ€œQR-Codeโ€ -> Reg. code (registration code) -> Scan the QR-Code with the application on your phone to pair the watch or via the label attached to the watch.

If the scan fails, you can enter the code manually.

The Smartwatch is now linked to the app.

It is important to know that after changes to the settings, you always have to restart the watch to allow the data to be processed.