Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. Before contacting our @support, it is advisable to read these questions and answers first.

Question 1 : My watch is offline, I can no longer send commands, and the date and time are no longer correct.

Answer: Always check your SIM card first. This is the cause in 99% of all support cases. There is no longer any prepaid credit or internet on the SIM card, or the SIM card is no longer active. Login to your provider and check the above.

In exceptional cases, we have a malfunction that causes watches to go offline. Always consult our blog page regarding malfunctions, but this rarely happens.

Question 2 : I have a 4G GPS smartwatch, and I get a notification account error when creating my account. What now?

Try creating a new account with a different email address. Preferably do not use hotmail or gmail addresses for this. These free mail providers regularly give issues.

It is also possible that you have processed too many strange characters or too few in the password. See manual for creating an account for tips.

Question 3: I have a 4G GPS Kids Smartwatch, but I don't have a QR with registration code on the box. What now?

Every watch that is sent to our warehouse is checked for the presence of the QR code to register your device. If you have lost it, you can also find the registration code in the watch more / settings.


State your question and answer not at the points above, you can contact our @support department.

Based on a support request, your information as mentioned above (Watch ID or IMEI) can become transparent to the employees of GPS Kindersmartwatch / our technical staff. If necessary, we will ask your permission for this. Support requests are handled exclusively by our own employees of GPS Kindersmartwatch, and do not go through external parties. If you have problems with your data becoming transparent, please indicate this in your support request. If we need to log in to our server to answer your support question or to solve your problem, we will only do this with your written permission and approval via email address

Contact a support agent:

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we need at least the information below. If this information is missing we will not be able to assist you and will report back to you via email.

  • Your order number of GPS Kids Smartwatch.
  • Your watch IMEI number.
  • Clear description of the problem.
  • Your contact details
  • Your order number of GPS Kids Smartwatch.

    Do not send attachment[s] larger than 5MB. These are rejected by default at > than 5MB.

    Send your request to

    Note: If you send photos or videos, please max. 5mb add to files.

    We ship within 1 to 3 business days contact you.

    It is really important that you indicate all points as requested in your support question. Otherwise we have to feed this back, and that slows down support.

    Telephone support ?

    We do not have telephone support, but only via e-mail. In almost all cases we can answer and resolve your support question within 1 working day.