What is a GPS watch child?

A children's watch GPS is an excellent way to communicate with your child and to keep an eye on it at all times. So, is a GPS watch for your child a good idea? Pretty nice, right... As a parent you know better than anyone what it can be like if you don't know where your children are. Even though there may be nothing wrong, you prefer to keep an eye on things. But then you should still be able to do that when you are remote. Your children will eventually reach the age where they are allowed to move just a little further from home and they will disappear from sight. Then it is very nice if your child wears a smartwatch with GPS!

The GPS watch is in fact a mobile phone, only on your wrist. You work with a SIM card that you place ready for use in the watch. This makes your watch just like a mobile phone, because you can make and receive calls with it. Various data is exchanged via the internet connection, such as the location of the watch. This is forwarded to the parents' phone so that they can keep an eye on it. The data consumption of this is low and is deducted from the prepaid credit of the SIM card.

In addition to normal calling, it is also possible to make video calls with your child via the watch! It is much more fun if your child also looks at you while calling, so that you can have better contact.

Useful functions

  • Choice of 10 different dials
  • Live location of your child on your own smartphone
  • Always in touch with voice messages and (video) calls
  • Your child can easily reach you in threatening situations via the SOS button
  • Safety area: notification where your child goes outside a certain area
  • Route playback: see where your child has been
  • Notification when battery is low
  • Notification via SMS when watch is turned off or taken off
  • Pedometer and sleep monitor
  • Including free SIM card (reliable 4G network)
  • Schedule appointments via the calendar
  • Do not disturb function: useful during school hours

    The functionalities

    After briefly explaining the operation of the watch above, we want to take a closer look at all the functions of the watch and its app.

    Live GPS location via free application on your mobile phone
    The GPS watch comes with a free app for your phone with which you can always see where your child is. By means of the smart 'electronic fence' you can set an area within which your child is allowed to be. You will be notified by text message when this range is exceeded, as well as a low battery status and anti-shut down notification when the watch is attempted to be turned off and/or taken off.

    Always in touch thanks to voice and video calling
    You can also make (video) calls and send (voice) messages to your child. The messages can be text messages or voice messages. The watch vibrates when receiving calls or messages. The messages will be displayed on the watch screen. It is also possible to communicate with the watch via Whatsapp.

    SOS Alarm functions
    There is an SOS button on the side of the GPS watch. By pressing this button, your child can always call you. Up to 3 SOS numbers can be set. The watch therefore does not need to be connected to a telephone or WiFi thanks to the supplied SIM card.

    The GPS watches are IP67 certified. This means that the watches are completely dustproof and waterproof up to a depth of 1 meter. Note: if you go swimming or showering with it, there is a chance that the watch will break, water can penetrate in places and then cause permanent damage. If you drop it once in a bucket of water or if it splashes while playing, there is nothing to worry about.

    Can be used worldwide, even on vacation
    Unique is the 4G network with this watch. This way you can be sure of the best coverage and functionality of the smartwatch and you can rely on the location of your child anywhere in the world at any time.

    Why should you buy a GPS watch child?

    Now you probably think, but why should I buy a GPS watch child? We have listed a number of reasons, so that you will certainly consider it.

    You always know where your child is
    You can always keep an eye on where your child is via the app on your phone. This function is very useful when you are at home and your child is playing outside. Even when your child goes to school, you can always see the exact location of your child. This also allows your child to experience more freedom.

    You stimulate the movement
    Our watches keep track of how many steps your child takes. You can also give your child rewards for this, so you motivate your child with this. Your child will probably also go outside independently more often because you, as a parent, no longer have to go with them. A visit to the playground, for example, is done faster.

    You are always available for your child
    You can reach your child at all times because our children's smartwatches have a SIM card. You can even send photos and messages to each other. You can set who your child can receive messages from, so that your child cannot receive messages from a stranger. When your child is playing in the playground, and it's dinner time, you can simply call your child.

    More accessible than a phone
    Not every child is old enough to have a telephone. For the children who do have it, a children's watch GPS might be a better idea. It's easier to forget a phone than a watch. You should not forget to put a phone in your pocket, while you often just keep a watch around your wrist.

    Discover digital world
    In addition to being super handy for you as a parent to keep an eye on your child, it is also a fun toy for your child. This way, your child will be introduced to the digital world at a young age. For example, there are a number of simple but educational games, such as maths. You can also adjust various themes in the watch.

    Our kids smartwatches

    We offer three different typesย gps watch childย On. All three models have different functions, with the Kiddo 11 being the entry-level model, the Kiddo 15 being the mid-range model and the Kiddo 21 being the top model.