What does it all cost

GPS Smartwatches work with a SIM card. We prefer to advise KPN or Vodafone. Why then KPN or Vodafone? These providers simply have the best GSM and data network in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. Our 4G GPS kids watches need a SIM card to function. The SIM card must contain:

  1. Call minutes ( To make and receive calls with the watch )
  2. Data/Internet ( To make the GPS positioning work, and to use all other functions such as video calling, photos, etc. )

On average, a 4G GPS kids smartwatch consumes 50ย up to 100mb per month of data/internet. Call usage is a personal matter.

So don't buy a SIM card with 5GB per month of data/internet, because this is pointless. You throw away a lot of data/internet every month. A prepaid SIM card is the best choice to start with. If your child calls a lot with the watch, you can consider purchasing a subscription in combination with a data bundle. However, start with a prepaid from KPN, just to discover everything and monitor consumption.


All our GPS trackers and GPS children's watches work throughout Europe. So you can always take the GPS watch abroad. Before you leave, check whether your SIM card is suitable for operation abroad. Everything else works exactly the same.