5 reasons to buy a GPS watch for your child

Life used to be simple. The children just played outside and there were not as many dangers as there are today. But there is a solution for that: a GPS watch. Reasons to purchase a GPS watch for your child can be:

1. Always know where your child is

Does the children's watch smartwatch have a GPS function? Then you can see exactly where your child is on the accompanying app. For example, a children's smartwatch with built-in GPS is useful when you are at home and your child is playing outside. Or when your child can walk home from school. This way you know the exact location of your child, without you being around all the time.
Can't your child play outside too far? With different GPS watches for your child, you will receive a signal on your phone as soon as your child leaves a certain area. You set this area yourself on the corresponding app on your phone.

2. Your child can send you an SOS message

Our watches are equipped with an SOS function. This way your child can easily send a message to his parents in case of emergency. Your child presses this button and you immediately receive a message with his location. Suppose your child has fallen, then this is a nice solution.

3. Your child is always available

When a children's smartwatch has a SIM card, your child can use the smartwatch to make calls without having to carry a phone. Children can also send text messages or photos to each other via the smartwatch. You set who your child can receive messages and calls from. So he cannot just receive messages from strange people, so your child remains safe. Several children's smartwatches have an SOS button. When your child is in distress and presses the button, the watch will call 3 preset numbers until someone picks up.

4. You can make video calls with your child

Not only is it useful and fun to see your child's location, but it's even more fun if you can see your child yourself! With the built-in camera of our GPS children's watches you can always have fun video calling with your child, wherever they are. This way you can also see who is nearby.

5. Encourage movement

With various kids smartwatches or children's GPS watches you encourage your children to exercise in a playful way. Set the number of steps your child should take in a day. As a reward, for example, you go a level higher or you receive coins for games. You can keep track of your child's activities on the accompanying app on your phone. This way you know whether you still need to stimulate your child for a walk around the block.