Installation explanation GPS Smartwatch WB5

Before using this product, read the manual carefully for correct installation and quick use.


Your Smartwatch has a special design and consists of fragile parts. You should therefore treat it with care. Below we give you a number of suggestions so that you can enjoy using the watch for years to come. Do not touch the screen with heavy objects that may damage the screen and keep the screen clean. Do not use the product if it is damaged. It is normal for the screen to respond slowly when the watch is exposed to low temperatures. Handle the watch with care. Despite the fact that the watch is shock and impact resistant, it cannot withstand every extreme situation. Make sure that no water can penetrate into the device. If this does happen, and the watch stops working, it will not be covered by the standard warranty. Make sure that the watch is kept dry and that it is not exposed to rain, moisture and corrosive liquids. Do not use or store the watch in dusty places to avoid damaging the parts. Do not expose the product to a hot environment. High temperatures shorten the life of the electronic circuit. Also, do not expose the product to too cold environments. Condensation can damage the product and the electronic circuit. Do not abuse the product by throwing or hitting it, which may damage it. Do not use cleaning agents with corrosive ingredients to clean the Smartwatch. Clean the product with a soft cloth. If your product or one of its accessories is not working properly, have it repaired.

Which telephone provider should I choose?
Our GPS smartwatches for children work with all providers such as KPN, Lebara and Vodafone.

Which provider, SIM card should I use in Belgium?
Our GPS smartwatches also work in Belgium. Always use a Proximus Pay & Go reload card.

Do not use Base or Telenet.

I have a top-up card from Orange, Base or Telenet. Is this also possible?
No, these providers are not supported by GPS smartwatches .


Insert the SIM card into the Smartwatch

  1. Open the SIM card via the bottom of the smartwatch (under the battery).
  2. Place the NANO SIM in the SIM slot with connectors facing up.
  3. Click the SIM card holder with SIM card back into the watch

    Hint ; If "G" appears and you can make calls with the smartwatch, your SIM has been inserted correctly.
    Note ; confirmation must be done properly due to watertightness.

If the watch was on when you inserted the SIM card, you will need to restart the watch.

* Restart watch
ON/OFF: Press and hold on/off button -> until restart. While restarting the watch, the watch will process the data and then the watch can be used.

To make the GPS Watch ready for use, it is necessary to install a SIM card with calling and internet credit. With this SIM card, the watch can send the GPS track and calls can be made to and from the watch.


Download the application on your phone

  • Scan the QR-Code with the camera of your phone or download the program 'Aladeng application' via the Appstore (iOS) or Playstore (Android)

You can also install the Aladeng App on your tablet

  • First of all you need to create an account.
  • Register with an email account
    Please note, only use letters and numbers when creating a password, for example: Password12

In the first window, register the phone number.
In the second field, type the desired username.

Enter the password in the third field and confirm the password in the third field.

Once the previous step is completed, the window will open to link the smartwatch to the account you just created. Select "bind with a watch"

Once you select "bind with a watch", the QR scanner
opened automatically. Open the smartwatch and select it
QR code icon. The QR code of the smartwatch opens.


Scan the QR code of the
smartwatch to complete the connection.

If the connection is not established automatically, select connect manually on the mobile, touch the screen of the watch and use the codes that appear on the screen.

The Smartwatch is now linked to the app.

It is important to know that after changes to the settings, you always have to restart the watch to allow the data to be processed.

Advertisement app:
The Aladeng App is provided and maintained by third parties. GPS Smartwatch does not affect the operation of the app in any way. GPS Smartwatch is also in no way responsible for the functioning of the app. We can only obtain information about the app from the makers for you.